The Best GLOBR Articles of 2020

The year 2020 will go down in history as one that had major significance on the entire world. The pandemic wasn’t the only event that we’ll look back on, so it’s important to remember what happened during this incredible time. As 2021 comes into view, let’s take the chance to look back at some of the best articles published this year on GLOBR.

Eating Animals: The Film That Might Change Your View On Meat Consumption

In late August, I once again watched a film about animal cruelty in the United States and its link to the meat industry. As a lifelong vegetarian, it still struck me as sad, and made me want to take action on the issue. Who knows? Maybe it’ll make you want to do the same.

How To Celebrate Earth Day From Home

April 22, 2020 was Earth day. It was also around this time when the word “quarantine” became popular, so not many people were out celebrating as much as previous years. This important article detailed how you could stream in live to a broadcast with speakers, events, and more all while sitting at home.

This Village Is Something Special…

This article told the brief version about what the tiny village of Dancing Rabbit is. Just as a summary, it’s a community of people that work and live together in Northern Missouri to make their lives as green as possible.

Why The World Needs More Indoor Gardens

As the name suggests, this article details the need for more indoor gardening, and lists ways that you can accomplish a feat like it yourself. From buying from a brand new startup, or getting a system from a trusted brand, there are plenty of paths that you can take to accomplish creating an indoor garden.

What Do Black Friday, Cyber Monday, And Climate Change Have In Common?

A more recent article, it detailed the tricks that companies play on individuals like you in order to make you buy products. Not only this, but it mentioned how these tactics can tie into the global climate crisis.

See you in 2021!