Founded in 2019, GLOBR is a place for people everywhere to come together and learn about nature, the environment, and how to protect our planet. Here, you’ll find 100+ articles about how you can make small and simple changes that benefit the health of the environment. GLOBR takes no sponsorships from any company, so the impact is all you!

Here, you can also discover challenges and activities that engage the community and promote more sustainable practices. Examples include the 2019 and 2020 Summer Solar Challenges, in which GLOBR readers were challenged to use a solar battery to charge a device on 100% sun power from June to August. These types of challenges can help all of us learn what we can do personally to develop a better understanding of climate change, pollution and, overall, our planet’s needs.

Join us as GLOBR continues to grow and help educate the minds of many. Together, we can make a difference and strive to help the movement of changing the current state of our planet. Help us help planet Earth, one post at a time.

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