‘I Am Greta’ – The Film That Changed My Perspective On Climate

A few weeks ago, I learned about a new documentary on the climate crisis. I’ve seen films about the climate before – Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel, National Geographic’s Before the Flood, and Paris to Pittsburgh. However, this new film had a different impact on me than any of the previous ones that I had seen. This was especially true because Greta Thunberg was at the center of it.

On a weekend morning a few months ago, I sat down in a chair, pulled up Greta’s movie on Hulu, and watched non-stop. Just from the first thirty minutes, I could tell that I was in for a ride that would take me on a roller coaster of emotion and throw me into the world that Greta lives every day. Pushback, confusion, but also hope.

This documentary focuses on the fact that climate change is coming, but it was created in a way that gives you a reason to think in a different dimension. This film will most definitely be on my list of films to view once again, and I hope it will soon appear on your list as well.