Joe Biden Has Been The President For a Week. Here’s Why Earth Is Already Thanking Him.

As of yesterday, it has been seven days since President Joe Biden was sworn into office. Just in the time that he’s been at the White House, the United States has been placed back into the Paris Climate Agreement, sending us on a promising path into the future. Yesterday, he took more action on the climate crisis, while also helping preserve more U.S. land and water by the year 2030. Here’s why the Earth is already thanking the new president:

According to an article on the official White House website, Biden is planning to set the United States on a path to achieve ambitious yet achievable goals for the future of the planet. First, the country could potentially have a carbon free energy sector in less than 15 years. If you begin to take a closer look at this goal, it might seem to be incredibly challenging, but necessary for a cleaner future. The U.S. is only run on a small amount of renewable energy today, but that could very likely change under the new administration.

Another plan that will be put in place is the idea to make the American economy have net zero emissions by the year 2050. In other words, this will force the country onto a path to have a “100% clean energy economy” according to Biden’s campaign website.

(This video was published on June 4, 2019)

Do you think that a net-zero economy is possible? What could you do to help limit your own carbon impact? After all, it will take all of us to stop the climate crisis from getting out of hand.