Eating Animals: The Film That Might Change Your View On Meat Consumption

I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life. That’s what my parents raised me to be, and I’m happy with their decision. At first, it was just my part of my normal eating routine, but after I became more aware of our changing world, my being vegetarian changed into a fight for the climate, and somewhat of a protest against factory farming. That is exactly what this film is about.

I first watched it in the middle of last year, and have since seen Eating Animals two other times. It is, by far, the best film I have ever watched.

It’s organized in a way that clearly explains the problem of factory farming, and the stories of farmers who realize that there is a serious problem with the industry. It made me aware of this serious problem, and made me want to jump into action. Though it can be disturbing at times, the message is clear and powerful: factory farming is not real farming, and in ways, could come across as extremely inhumane.

In the end, my final rating is a 9.6/10. If you are someone who cares about animals just as much as you care about other humans, then I suggest that this is a film that you should watch. And regardless of your opinion, whether you eat meat or don’t, it’s an overall great film to watch in order to stay informed about this topic.

Eating Animals Trailer

(Just as a heads up – there is some foul language and other questionable content that comes about in the film, so I suggest against watching it with kids.)

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