This Is One Of The Biggest Environmental Stories Of 2020…


In case you haven’t heard already, one of the big environmental stories right now is about the island nation of Mauritius, a country located just off of the coast of Madagascar. For the months of July and August, it has been written about in multiple major news networks mostly because of one specific reason. This month, the people of Mauritius witnessed a horrible oil spill take place just outside their front doors.

A lot has happened with the story since it first broke a few weeks ago. If you haven’t heard about it yet, that means that it may have been shadowed by news of COVID-19 and the election. Here’s what we know so far though: the spill came from a ship called the Wakashio, after the vessel ran aground. The ship’s captain has since been arrested. Not long ago, the ship split in two, and has since been intentionally sunk. Today, protests are beginning to rise, and top stories include the tragic deaths of whales and dolphins.

That was just a brief overview of one of the biggest environmental stories that has been somewhat covered up by other major events including COVID-19. We’ll keep you updated on this story on the GLOBR Twitter Page as more details come into view, so keep posted.

What can you do to help prevent spills like this from happening in the future? Could you donate your time to volunteer to bring awareness to this issue?