Introducing The Dear Earth Challenge

In these times of difficulty, we all probably have more time on our hands than we anticipated going in to this work from home and online schooling type of environment. These means more time to be creative, go outside, and introduce ourselves to new adventures. That’s why GLOBR is taking advantage of all this time we spend at home, and turning into something positive.

Today, we’re announcing the “Dear Earth” challenge. This is one of the first projects that GLOBR has introduced that is focused more towards both younger and older generations. This project will also connect people with nature more than any GLOBR project ever before, so let’s get started!

Here’s how it works:

1. Write a letter to Planet Earth in an eco friendly and creative way.

2. Read your message out loud in nature.

3. If possible and sustainable, bury your letter somewhere where it will decompose over time.* (This is optional.)

4. If you’re willing, send your letter to GLOBR by using the “Contact” page. Your’s might just get published on our website!

That’s all! We all might enjoy a little nature time right about now, so try taking advantage of this time that we have at home.

*Just make sure that it’s legal!