How The Ocean Cleanup Is Funding Its Mission With Sunglasses

Today might have seemed like a normal day for you. In fact, it probably seemed like a normal day for a lot of people. However, today was a little different. Today, The Ocean Cleanup announced its plan on how they are going to fund their mission of cleaning the world’s oceans of plastic pollution. Interestingly enough, this plan involves pairs of sunglasses.

The Ocean Cleanup is by far one of the most interesting companies that I have ever heard of. If you’ve ever thought, I wonder if that enormous gyre in the Pacific is getting cleaned up?, or, Are all of those rivers full of pollution becoming cleaner once again?, then you should learn about this organization. Periodically throughout the past year, articles have been posted on GLOBR about the work that The Ocean Cleanup has been doing. These articles range from explaining their system that was placed in the Pacific Ocean to try and attempt a cleaning effort, to telling readers about the machines placed in a few rivers around the world to stop trash at its source from entering the ocean. Today, the GLOBR article will be about their new revolution – sunglasses.

This morning, sunglasses created with recycled ocean plastic were revealed with the embroidered “The Ocean Cleanup” logo. What makes these sunglasses so special other than the recycled plastic? Well, first of all, your glasses come with a case made from “Wilson”, the very first cleanup system deployed in the Pacific. Secondly, on the frame of your glasses, there’s a QR code that can be scanned to view a video of the actual plastic in your glasses getting cleaned from the ocean. Finally, just by purchasing The Ocean Cleanup’s glasses, you are helping a cause that will help heal the planet’s oceans for future generations. Think about the impact that you can make even if you’re far away from any open water.

To learn more about this new product that will overall help Earth, click here.

What can you do today to help save the world’s oceans? Is it as simple as picking up that piece of trash outside your house?