The Pacific Plastic Catcher

In the middle of 2018, September to be exact, a new piece of technology entered the Pacific. This tech was like no other, and was going to fix something that we humans have created – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

If you’re unaware of this mass of trash, here’s a little back story. In between Hawaii and California, there is a mass of trash so dense that you can stand on it in some parts. 

Anyway, let’s get back to The Ocean Cleanup. At age 18, Boyan Slat went on a trip to Greece, and went diving. Sadly, he discovered that the water around him was home to more plastic than fish. Then, wanting to take action, he started his company, and helped create System 001. In the video below, it lists the challenges they had to face on this mission in the ocean, so I won’t spoil it. Please do congratulate Boyan, as he has not given up in all of the years that he’s been doing this.

Video is Below (6:30)


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