An Inconvenient Sequel: Movie Review


Many Earth lovers have heard of the award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Starring Former Vice President Al Gore, it states why our world is at risk of being uninhabitable within a few hundred years.

In 2017, another movie was released regarding that same thing, and got major attention. An Inconvenient Sequel is the movie that I watched one morning, and even the trailer gave me chills. The film is a perfectly good description of what happens when we emit Carbon into the atmosphere, and pollute our only home.

All in all, I would rate this documentary a 4.5/5. If more people could watch this movie, they would only then understand what is currently at risk. After watching the full film, I got more and more inspired to be more eco friendly that day, and spent it thinking about what would happen if we didn’t take action.

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Link to Trailer –

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