This Village Is Something Special…

About three hours South of Des Moines, there lies a village. It’s tiny, and you wouldn’t even guess it was there. From Google Earth, it looks like there’s no other town for miles. The only thing about this village is that it’s setting a revolutionary example for the rest of the world.

When I first heard the words “Dancing Rabbit”, I was intrigued. This was because this tiny town was created just for the Earth. The eco-village was created with building materials that are extremely environmentally conscious, and contains people that want to set an example for the rest of the planet. In one of the videos that I watched about the place, it was mentioned that the village was started to prove that creating a town like this was possible.

Today, the Dancing Rabbit eco-village is a place where people want to make a change in their life. Tomorrow, the Dancing Rabbit eco-village could make a change in the world. You can stay at Dancing Rabbit if you sign up for their program in the summer, or just become a member of the project itself.

Would you move into a place like this? What changes would you make to show the world what global change looks like?

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