A Second Year of GLOBR

May 18, 2019. Two years ago today. This was the day when the very first GLOBR article made its way to this website. Since then, over 100 others have made their mark and will hopefully help continue the mission to create inspiration for change.

Since it’s founding, GLOBR has seen over 1,400 visitors from multiple different countries. For the year 2020 alone, over 700 people contributed to that number. While these statistics may seem small, remember, GLOBR is only two years old. It has plenty of room to grow.

With that, I’d like to thank you for being a part of GLOBR’s journey up to this point. In just a short period of time, this website has seen growth beyond anything of what I could have imagined, and all of that was because you kept visiting and engaging with the articles here. I am truly excited to see where this journey will take us next.

You may be wondering how to help this website grow for the future so that we can help the world become more and more environmentally conscious. Well, here’s your answer – if you could take just five minutes out of your day to complete this survey, it would help tremendously. It’s completely anonymous and asks simple questions like, “At what time of day do you prefer to read GLOBR?” Click on the button below to help us grow for the rest of 2021!