What You Can Do To Celebrate Earth Day

Today marks the 51st annual celebration for all Earth has given us. It marks 51 years since the inaugural celebrations took place and started to change the world. Today, Earth Day 2021, is a day to once again celebrate the Earth’s environment and reflect on the impact humanity has placed upon the planet. Here’s what you can do today to celebrate the planet.

Spread Awareness About the Climate Crisis

This idea is particularly important when it comes to advocating for a healthy planet. If you can, try talking to younger kids about climate change today. They are part of the generation that will have to further campaign for a better planet in the future, so it would be a positive things to educate them starting today.

Use Green Modes of Transportation When Possible

Whether you’re riding a bike or using an electric car, environmentally conscious modes of transport are key when it comes to a healthy planet. In some areas around the world, neighborhoods are connected by lengthy trail systems. These trails can be beneficial for Earth friendly transportation or even for running errands. In my opinion, if conditions allow, using bikes and electric vehicles is the best possible option for movement.

Spend Time Outdoors

Stress can be a factor in all of our lives. Today, if possible, spend even just a few minutes of your time outside. For me, taking a breath of fresh air helps clear my mind and allows me to focus on the tasks at hand. Today would be a great day to start a habit of going out to ease any stress you may have.

What are your ideas for getting out and celebrating Earth Day? Could you embrace these celebrations to make the world a better place?

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