The Ocean Cleanup Cleans More Than Oceans?

On October 26, 2019, CEO and founder of The Ocean Cleanup revealed something that could change the world for the better within the next ten years. Meet the new addition to the cleanup family, the Interceptor.

Boyan Slat is a person who has a vision. He said it himself during the unveiling of the company’s new device. He stated that eventually, he wanted to put his company out of business. This means that no trash will need to be picked up from the oceans, no problems will occur, and no more garbage patches will appear over a course of many years.

What they announced last week was something that was genius however, never before never thought deeply about until now. The Interceptor is The Ocean Cleanup’s take on rivers. A map on their website shows all of the waterways that are most contributing to the larger issue in the oceans, where the company now has a large plastic capturing device. The video below will explain more about the internals of the machine and how it works, so maybe take a bit of time to watch it.

How are you contributing to the plastic issue in our water? What can you do to help prevent litter from getting in to our oceans?

Interceptor Explanation

This next video is about 30 minutes long. The Ocean Cleanup’s CEO, Boyan Slat, reveals the new machine to the world in this event.

Interceptor Unveiling