The 2019 GLOBR List of Eco Gifts

Picture this: you’ve pledged to yourself that you’re going to buy only Christmas gifts that are Earth friendly this year, but there’s a problem. You forgot about that pledge that you made 6 months ago, and now have about a month to get your family of 10 gifts for the holiday. Luckily, you know about a website called GLOBR, which helps the planet in any way possible. It just happens that GLOBR released an eco Christmas gift list that might just help you out…

1. Boxed Water Is Better

In a post in earlier this year, I mentioned that my family purchased boxed water to help the planet in a positive way. It’s all that simple to be Earth friendly, just buy a milk carton that says water on it, and boom! You just avoided drinking water from plastic bottles.

$24-35, Boxed Water is Better

2. Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

Yes, there’s eco friendly toilet paper. Yes, it’s called Who Gives a Crap. Yes, you can get orders of 50 delivered to your home. Yes, the company builds toilets. And you know what, it’s not so bad.

$30-52, Who Gives a Crap

3. 4Ocean Bracelets

4Ocean bracelets took the world by storm, and now they’re everywhere! The best part is that for every bracelet bought, the company cleans up 1 pound of trash from the water. I highly suggest getting one of these for a family member if you haven’t already.

$20, 4Ocean

4. World Centric

This might not be classified as a gift, but it sure might be handy when the parties start to come along! As the label in the photo says, the company makes their utensils, silverware, and much more out of plants.

World Centric

5. Converse Renew Shoes

Earlier around July of this year, Converse released their new Renew collection – shoes made from plastic bottles averted from landfills. How cool is that? Just cool enough where any Earth lover would accept them.

$35-90, Converse

6. Happy Earth Apparel

Happy Earth is like the Vineyard Vines of eco clothing, and it’s the website to go to if you are looking for something to buy a friend. Become an ambassador of the company, or just buy a few pieces of apparel. It’s that simple, even this hat is just enough.

$24-58, All Apparel, Happy Earth

7. The Negative Bracelet

Image Credit:

This is one of the coolest bracelets I’ve ever seen in my life. This bracelet is called Negative, and is made out of carbon pulled straight out of the atmosphere. Now, how many times have you seen that on the market?
(Note: At the time that this article is published, the Negative bracelet was still in the pre-ordering phase, which means that it may or may not be available for the holidays.)

$80, Negative, Pre-Order Here

8. National Geographic Subscription

Not only does Nat Geo use eco packaging when you receive your issue, but it seems like every one of their magazines is super Earth conscious.

$12, National Geographic

9. Waka Waka Solar Charger/Light

This thing can charge your phone to about 60% if you leave it out in the sun long enough. I loved this tool, it helped me be greener in an easier way! Read about my solar challenge that I took over the summer, and take a listen to the story on the GLOBR podcast, North.

$77.30, Waka Waka

10. The Ocean Cleanup Apparel

What to support The Ocean Cleanup? Here’s a great way! All you have to do is order the coolest shirt that you can find, and click order. All of a sudden, you will become a supporter in the effort to cleanup the world’s oceans and rivers.

$18.50-52, The Ocean Cleanup, Teemill

Have Fun Shopping!

(And while you’re at it, maybe take a look at some of the other GLOBR articles and the North podcast!)