How You Can Help Plant 20 Million Trees

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an idea that will certainly help this world, and the on going climate crisis. A crazy idea, but a smart one. Want to know how to help plant 20,000,000 trees within the next four years? I know a place…

GLOBR Tree Donation

TeamTrees, a genius campaign to get the public thinking about the environment, has just gotten a great head start to the finish line. It was started by a YouTube star, and since its unveiling to the public, it hasn’t had a single sign of stopping. When I found this, it was jaw dropping what the numbers were. Then, when I realized that over $12,000,000 was donated to help this cause, ($1 for every tree), I was surprised. It’s not every day that this happens. And by that I mean that it’s not every day that Elon Musk, Tobias Lutke, and Susan Wojcicki all donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to support this eventful idea.

While on the site, I decided to personally donate $17 to plant 17 trees. Do it for yourself maybe! Even 1 would be enough.

What can you do to prevent climate change from becoming out of control? Try planting even a few trees, every single one will help.