When You Literally Have A Leaf Maze In The Yard

For the past five years, I’ve been an ephemeral artist. What’s that? It means that I create temporary art with nature, and the Earth takes care of taking it down when it’s time. For example, when an exhibition is taken down in an art gallery, but I make this art in my front and back yard.

I love to be in nature, so I love to be doing ephemeral art. The first year that I put the maze into effect, I guess it would be an annual thing. So, like I said, I have do it for five years. What I do, is I wait for all of the leaves to fall off of the many trees that are on our property, put them into piles, and start creating a maze that I walk through once. After that, I usually take a photo from the roof of it, and let my parents rake every last leaf up, and put it in the back yard. Doing this process allows me to break away from the house, and lose track of time.

Maybe you should try it with the nature around your home. It calms me, so maybe it’ll do the same for you.