My Solar Phone: Part 3

So, as I said in the previous phone article, I discovered that you cannot rely solely on solar power to charge an iPhone 8. This proved to be true while I was in Florida last week, as I plugged it into the wall to get a little power for the day, and forgot to unplug it… I accidentally got it to 100%, and it was hard to drain over the next 3 days so that I could have a truly solar phone.

It seems that I have adopted the routine of plugging it in each night to get a little more energy, then in the morning, when the phone was dead, use the solar charger to charge it to around 20%. That charge would be used throughout the day until it died once more, and then I would repeat. It is a learning exercise, so I plan to continue this for the rest of summer.

Think about it, would you want to try something like this? If so, go for it! It won’t be that hard. Click here to learn more about my challenge.

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