Why We Need More Human-Centered Towns

Think about itwhat if you could walk to the grocery store, bike the quarter mile to the local swimming pools, then go pedal to the beach and coffee shop in the evening. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful life, doing it every weekend? Not only that, but it would also help the environment out tremendously because not a single car was used during the day.

You saw the title of this article, so that’s what I’ll talk about now. Without knowing it, you would be making the world better one ride at a time if you lived in one of these towns. When I was on a trip to one of these communities, I ended up in a car only about four times that week-two were to and from the airport. That very low time in a car is amazing for the environment, and will compel you to get out in nature more often. This is why we need more towns like, for example, Seaside, Florida. A new urban town that has made my trips down easier.

What do you think? Will you ever try to visit a town like this? I sure loved it when I did.