Notpla: The Company That’s Saying Goodbye To Packaging


A few years ago, something called Ooho! got amazingly popular. It promised to put an end to plastic bottle packaging, and make the world better. Here’s how it worked: you take a pod of water, plop it into your mouth, and bite down. The outer layer of the pod is made out of seaweed, not plastic, so you can easily drink BPA free.

This same technology has helped the invention of sauce pods that you squeeze to get it out. Another genius way to break away from packaging. The cool thing about this company, called Notpla, is that they are just trying to make the world a way better place to live in.

So if you’re a person who is hosting an event of some sort, or want to have it at your party, maybe you should look into this product instead of the single use bottles that everyone has. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even be the coolest person on the street!