Sustainability – The Key To Life


At a recent gathering with minds that are passionate about the environment, I got the chance to wade through a local creek, and collect samples of the many macro-invertebrate that live there. It was a fun opportunity, as the information that we collected got to go to the county where the water was located.

Anyway, I then got the information that if the insects and animals that we collected were in an abundance of, let’s say leech, the quality of the water was not as healthy as it was supposed to be.

This was interesting to me, and given the information that I had, I decided to write this blog post. Another thing that I learned was that there are plenty of species out in the creeks that you probably didn’t know about. For example, we discovered Damselfly and Dragonfly larva.

Volunteering for watersheds is not only fun, but you get to help out the county and town that you reside in. Try looking into opportunities to volunteer for your local district, and tell your friends and family to come along! It’s an awesome learning opportunity as well for the kids if they want to try.