Pripyat: Ukraine’s Wild City

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded, and caught fire. Before the explosion, the area surrounding the plant was almost lush forest, and before that, it was wilderness all around.

300,000 people were evacuated from an area called the Exclusion Zone, and haven’t been to their home since. For many years on end, wildlife in the area was almost to 0, and the life that did remain was mostly sick.

There’s been increased sightings of all of these animals over the years, including wild horses, wolf packs, birds, and deer. This provides brand new hope for the future of this city. And although scientists are unsure about the effects of the radiation, wildlife is still flourishing around the area.

However, as the years have been going on and on, the life in that area has seemed to almost recover. Although the area is uninhabitable to humans, animals and plants have been growing back to their original form.

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