The Solar, Wind, And Water Powered Camper

A few years ago, I somehow came across a camper that was extremely healthy for the environment, and actually looked really modern and cool. Even though it’s just about 120 square feet, it is the best home for anyone looking to live off the grid.

The second generation of the Ecocapsule, which is set to be mass produced after the first 50 exclusive pods are created, will be sold for around $88,000 US Dollars, not including the fee to transport to the shipping port in New York. I’m not saying that this price is bad, in fact it’s actually cheaper than a few of the Airstream models.

As the title of this post mentioned, the capsule is indeed self sustainable. It gets its energy from the sun and wind, and has plenty of natural light that enters it with a large window on one side. Also, whenever it rains outside, the pod will collect, and store its own water that you can wash in.

I am very excited for this new pod type of living and for when it comes out, and hope to actually get to live in one in the future years of my life.