Cleaning Our Oceans With… Bracelets?

Almost about a year ago now, I was walking in the streets of a local town with one of my relatives, and we went into a store that specialized in all things lake themed. We went into the store, and bought two bracelets that were made of ocean plastics. The Woman at the counter mentioned to us that for every bracelet bought, a pound of trash would be taken out of the world’s oceans.

Once I had worn the bracelet for a while, I went to the website of the company who made it. (If you’re wondering, the company is called 4Ocean). Their mission was to not only make the world better, but to inspire you to do it too. You see, this wasn’t just a normal campaign to get people to help out the world. It was a company aiming to inspire people to clean our world’s oceans, and to overall create a better place to live.


This Video Is About the Story of 4Ocean

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