A Third Year of GLOBR

Today, May 18, 2022, marks three years since the very first GLOBR article was published. Over 120 articles, 160+ followers, and almost 7,000 views later, the mission of this site has stayed the same and has impacted people across the world. To impact even more readers, a more clear direction must be laid out for the future. Today marks just one more step towards a more sustainable world with the implementation of a second season of GLOBR Calm.

The bulk of GLOBR’s history was formed during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, making for a chance to spread happiness, joy, and optimism through the internet. I took advantage of this moment and shifted the focus of GLOBR from sustainability related articles to an addition of various ways the world could experience nature and feel comfortable outside to ease any stress or anxiety.

With this came the introduction of GLOBR Calm – a series of short videos dedicated solely to simple footage of beautiful, natural environments. They were made to put one’s thoughts at ease as much as possible, especially if they did not have immediate access to a natural environment.

Very soon, a handful of brand new GLOBR Calm videos will be released for anyone to enjoy and become reacquainted with nature. They will feature even more footage from beautiful and tranquil landscapes, perfect for quickly easing the stress of the world.

Thank you for following along on GLOBR’s journey so far. I look forward to seeing what the next year will bring within this community and how the world of sustainability will continue to evolve.