What Recycled Cotton has to do with GLOBR’s new Business Cards

As GLOBR has grown throughout the past few years, I have experimented with various ways of promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle with as little of an impact as possible on the environment. For the majority of GLOBR’s existence, that has been done solely on the internet. Outside the web, before the GLOBR merchandise store opened, business cards were the only physical proof that this site existed. Let me tell you, these were definitely not final-draft material, but they still got the initial message out to a wide audience. I soon realized that in order to grow, the site would need better outreach than it already had. A first step for this would need to include redesigned business cards, and if possible, ones printed on eco-friendly paper. This was when I discovered MOO.

One of the original GLOBR business cards from 2019

The originals were noting more than information printed on a sheet of business card paper. I punched a hole in the “O” of the GLOBR name to make them somewhat unique from conventional cards. They definitely weren’t the best or most professional, but they were something.

I realized these original cards needed replacements. They did their job incredibly well, allowing for this website to gain traction across the community, but I felt that more could be done to make GLOBR look more legitimate. I started researching “eco-friendly business cards” to see if we could make our mission more apparent than before with sustainability in the mix. A single company always continued to come up – MOO.

They offered a wide selection of products for companies including business cards that were made out of recycled cotton – a tool that could not be more perfect for GLOBR’s future growth.

According to their website, MOO’s recycled cotton business cards are sourced from T-shirt offcuts that would otherwise end up in landfills, unused. By recycling these scraps, MOO is allowing for the customer to make an impact in such a simple yet previously unheard of way. Further, these cotton business cards allow GLOBR to continue its mission in an even more sustainable way than before.

The brand new GLOBR business cards from MOO

Within a single afternoon, we had designed, reviewed, and ordered GLOBR’s new business cards with recycled cotton from MOO. They arrived last week in a pack of fifty with a box that says “100% Cotton” on it. Let me tell you, throughout the past few years of GLOBR, we have made many advances in sustainable growth, but this is one of the most exciting since the founding of the GLOBR merchandise store.

I look forward to handing these out to anyone curious about our natural environment and the changing state of our planet. But before that, how could you help the planet through educating the public? How can you make the world a better place?