The FinalStraw – My Opinion On One Startup Product That Might Change The World

The company, Kickstarter, has helped a lot of startups reach their goal of making something different. I’ve long considered the platform as the place to go when I want to look for something new and out of the ordinary. Most of the time, something that will benefit the health of the Earth, or something that will just help locally. The “something” that I ended up finding one day was called the FinalStraw.

I received my FinalStraw in the mail a few months ago, and so far, I haven’t used it that much. I keep it in my desk drawer, and don’t usually take it on drives. The thought usually doesn’t cross my mind when I leave the house. This has led to some problems regarding the use of regular plastic, but my family keeps larger reusable plastic straws in the vehicle. Overall, I would suggest against getting it. It’s a great idea and most likely has a lasting impact, but it just doesn’t make sense to buy it unless you prefer the small storage size.

For about $25, the FinalStraw is on the high side of pricing. What else could you do to help make our oceans a better place? Could you try quitting single use plastics?