Teemill – The Best Company Out Of Them All

Recently, GLOBR celebrated its first birthday. With that came the launch of the official GLOBR store, which was created on Teemill – a type of company that (in my mind) strives to create a better world in the area of e-commerce. This area could often bee seen as overlooked when trying to create a better world for the future, but its an important one. This article is the story of why I chose this company to create GLOBR merchandise, and how you can continue to be part of the effort to save the world.

In late December of 2019, when GLOBR was at the 7 month mark and when the virus was still an obscure event happening in China, I had an idea. What if GLOBR had a t-shirt store?

I had already done the research necessary. Both Ecosia and The Ocean Cleanup had created online stores with Teemill, and I had long admired that they were able to easily make eco products that could be shipped out to the rest of the world.

I was ready to get started, so I did. At around 9:00 PM one night, I made an account, and over the next month, I made revisions to make it look even better and easier to use.

Then, after multiple delays for the launch date, we decided that it would only be fitting for the store to be announced and released on May 18, 2020 – GLOBR’s first birthday.

That’s where you come in. At a time like this, the only thing that the world needs is hope. With the purchase of GLOBR merchandise, you will only be spreading that hope for all around you. And if the GLOBR store just isn’t for you, you can spread hope for the world in plenty of other ways.

What can you do to help the planet in this challenging time? Are you feeling more compelled to fight for the planet?

(NOTE: In no way is GLOBR sponsored by Teemill – I personally just thought it was a great idea that needed to be shared with the rest of the world.)