One Year Of GLOBR

One year ago, the first GLOBR article was published. One year ago, I didn’t think that GLOBR would become what it has become today. One year ago, I was working on my phone, trying to figure out how to make the site even better while eating at a restaurant in Minneapolis. It has been one year since GLOBR was launched, and I truly am excited to see where it will go in the next few years.

May, 2019 came and went for me. So did June. Then July came, and the website was getting off of its feet. I decided that something bigger needed to happen, something that could possibly drive more traffic to the site. NORTH, the podcast was launched. The rest of 2019 could be considered boring. Nothing new really happened. Then, in December, right before the new decade rolled in, I discovered something called Teemill. It was a company that made custom eco friendly shirts with a custom website — all for free. With that, I created the GLOBR Store, which is set to launch today (surprise, surprise).

After December, 2020 came. I went back to school in January, not expecting that the elusive virus in China would make its way to the U.S., and throw every kid in the country out of classes. After that, we come to today, a day that I thought might not come. A day that marked the anniversary of an impact on a small community of people. A day that will be remembered for the rest of GLOBR’s history.

Now, for some info on the GLOBR Store. Created off of Teemill, the store will feature clothing with the GLOBR logo for sale. In the future, more items will be added, so stay tuned so you can buy eco friendly clothing both today, and in the future.

Where will you be in one year? Saving the world like Greta?