This Is Why I Love Earth

When I first considered myself to be a lover of the planet, I didn’t call myself a climate activist. Now that I fully understand what is going on, I am a full believer, and want to do as much as possible.

When I published the last article, the response was overwhelming. As far as I know, it was the first article that accumulated so many views in so little time. That made me happy within, knowing that people care about the planet, and will do something to help it. Hopefully just like everyone reading the site, I love the world. Why? Because of everything that makes up the landscape around us. The trees, the grass, basically everything that you see when you go in the woods.

The only thing that bothers me is because of what our world has come to, as I stated in the article called, “Why I Want A Future”. Climate change is real, and humanity as we know it is slowly ripping this spherical world apart.

What can you do to stop the crisis from going any further? Is there a way that a small action could make a big impact on your end?