Why I Want A Future

If you have listened to the GLOBR podcast, you would know that the voice that you listen to sounds like a kid. That’s because, yes, I am a kid. You probably don’t know very many kids who have a blog, and try to save Earth in every way possible. But because Earth as we know it is slowing being defeated by human kind, I try to go out of my way to make things right.

First of all, let me talk about the title of this article. This week was the Youth Climate Strike, which took place in all parts of the globe. Even though I couldn’t make it to any of the events, I was pleased to see that thousands of people in my home state, and millions more around the globe, were taking action against the climate crisis. I was in school at the time of the rallies, and ever since last Friday, I’ve been thinking about the state our planet is in, wondering what my future will look like.

Again, yes, I’m a kid. Yes, I am afraid.

When you hear the words “climate crisis”, you should acknowledge that it is a thing, because this is a type of thing that you just can’t ignore anymore. It’s the type of thing where anyone in a high level of power has to acknowledge. It’s the type of thing that everyone on planet Earth has to acknowledge. It’s the type of thing that you should now be afraid of along side me.

If you ever meet me some day, and you ask me why I went out of my way to create a podcast, and a blog, the answer should be obvious. It was because I wanted to make a change, it was because I wanted to share my thoughts, and it was because I needed to do something to save our planet.

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