Where Will You Be Next Week?

The day September 20th, 2019, will hopefully go down in history. Why do I say that? Well, it’s because on that day, a strike will take place. That strike, is a strike for a future.

Next week, the 20th, a not one, not a hundred, but thousands of people will go to their nearest strike location, and get others to agree that climate change is not okay. The importance of these gatherings is immense. So immense, that if you believe in helping the planet, and are trying to get others on board with the idea, these strikes will be the place to go.

I challenge you, no matter where you are, to get up after you read this, and do something outside. Even if it’s just taking a breath of fresh air. I’m telling you to do this, because you might not have many more chances. If we keep releasing co2 into the air, your time outdoors could be limited. But we can change that…

Where will you be on September 20th? What can you do to help fix this problem?