Way To Go California!|Favorites Series

Yesterday, I was lying in bed looking at the news, when I stumbled upon a rather happier article than what is out there today. On the Good News Network, an article appeared about the school buses in California that are being said goodbye to, to make room for fully electric ones. Looking into it a little more, I realized that it would be worthy for a GLOBR article.

Almost $70 million in funds was approved to replace a couple hundred school buses throughout the entire state of California. The good reason for this change was do to a couple factors. One, for the sake of the developing lungs in children, this safer alternative will be used, and two, this switch will help the state keep on its air quality goals for the future.

Will you convince your school district to make the switch? Think about the environment around you, will you help Mother Nature out if you do?

Photo by California Energy Commission. Research for Article: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/california-deploying-200-electric-school-buses/

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