This Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread…

Meet Loop. It’s a company that is striving to get consumers to be completely waste free, has partnered with major brands, and sells you food online. The difference between them and other startups? They put all of the products in containers that can be reused.

I first learned about this company from a class that I attended earlier this year. We watched a CNN 10 video that explained, and featured it in one section. The model of the business is that you receive your order of, let’s say, ice cream and disinfectant wipes, then once you’ve used up all of the contents of the container, you send them back in the container bag, and Loop cleans them out, refills them, and sends them to the next customer. This ensures that much less is going to the landfill, and rotting away for years to come.

What can you do to avoid getting much of your trash into the landfill? What will you do to limit your impact?

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