This Is The E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center…

Near the Gulf of Mexico on the Floridian Panhandle, lies a building on stilts. Half of it sits above a large pond with turtles. The other half faces the forest of tall pine trees. A classroom building is near the center of it all, and tall mounds are located just beyond that. This building also has a name: the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center.

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This center may very well be like no other, as the experience of when I was there made me think about all of the creatures living around us. The staff and volunteers there tried hard to teach everyone about the Earth, and made it fun in case anyone didn’t want to be there. Tortoises were crawling about inside of one of the rooms, and were free to touch and look at from a close perspective. Bobcats and hawks were in areas outside the the building, as well as a fox that you could come to look at.

If anyone reading this is curious about nature, I suggest going there if you’re in the area. It is almost a once in a lifetime experience, given that not many other places like this exist in the country.

You can view Ed Wilson’s PBS interview below, (I suggest watching it).