That’s Right, Starbucks Made The Switch


When I first found out that one of the largest coffee chains in America made that commitment to stop using straws by 2020, I had a huge grin on my face.

I don’t really go to Starbucks that often, and if I do go, it’s usually just to get something simple. But when I first heard about the promise, I still loved the idea. Even though I often wouldn’t get to witness the new design of the lids, I still knew that thousands of others would be able to come home and declare themselves as savers of Planet Earth.

When I say that they stopped using straws, I mean that they stopped using them all together. No paper, just a lid with a hole in it. The new design will be featured at every single company owned store in the world. Phasing our of this toxic substance was an awesome idea, and I applaud them for doing so. To whoever thought up this life changing idea, thank you.

What can you do to limit your straw use? Will you go to the coffee chain until they officially place the new lid in use?