My Solar Phone: Part 4

So, about a month ago, I created a challenge for myself that later I found out to be trickier than expected. It was a challenge for me to bring a solar charging source into my life, and live with it for the whole summer. Well, it didn’t turn out as expected, and here’s what I found…

In one article, I mentioned that you probably couldn’t rely mainly on solar power for very long. This is especially true for anybody who needs it for the day at a workplace or meeting. Another thing that I found interesting was the fact that the charger that I have seemed to wear out throughout the whole process of this challenge. However, a possible reason for this may be due to me not using it very much throughout the two years that it sat on my desk, then all of a sudden using it every day. Another reason that this could be true is because of the rain damage that got to it when I forgot to take it in during a storm.

What do you think of this challenge? Would you ever try it like I did? Maybe you should do it next summer…

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