There’s Water Within These Milk Cartons

So, I’ve heard about this idea before, but forgot about it up until just yesterday. A couple of my relatives posed for a picture that was then sent to me. It was of them in front of a milk carton-that didn’t have a drop of milk in it. There was instead water contained in that box, and from there I went to investigate where I could buy a few cartons myself.

The company who makes these, conveniently named Boxed Water Is Better, is seeking a future where people quit drinking out of plastic bottles, and use cardboard cartons instead. It could be a hefty dream, but every bottle counts in my opinion. By the way, my family picked up four 1 liter cartons at Whole Foods today to start becoming plastic bottle free for a little while. Who knows? Maybe we’ll do it for a little longer after that.

What can you do to limit the impact on the environment? How can you limit the use of plastic bottles? One more thing, if you’re truly interested in becoming plastic bottle free, I recommend that you maybe start out with the kit that this company sells that will help you get going.