Say Hello To Heal The Bay

A relative of one of my neighbors has helped bring awareness to the fact that ocean pollution is real, and that our environment is the key to life. She helped bring awareness to this organization, and is a main leader in it. She is part of Heal The Bay.

So, about eight years ago, the group posted a video on YouTube of a plastic bag. Now, this plastic bag wasn’t just a worthless piece of trash that no one should pick up, it was a bag that ended up in the Pacific Ocean. The short film was narrated as though the bag was a animal in Planet Earth II, but it brought up a good point:

Anyway, this video brought people to think about their impact on the ocean, and has made people more aware about Heal The Bay itself. And at almost 30 years old, it has become a great addition to California as a whole. So far, according to a comment by them on a video, they have successfully helped ban the plastic bag in the entire state, and are working on banning polystyrene.

What good for the planet can you do? What about the world’s plastic problem? Do some amazing things for this planet within your lifetime, and you will be thanked.