I Ate The Impossible Burger…

A recent article stated that I attended a group of people who cared about the environment greatly, and in that same group, I tasted the Impossible Burger.

A little back story here. This burger is like no other, as it is considered the term, lab grown meat. Also, it’s not meat. Not one speck of it lies within this thing. According to the Impossible Foods website, all that it contains is plants, and some things that you would find in real meat.

Anyway, as the title of this article mentioned, I tried the burger. I’m a vegetarian, and was a little hesitant to eat it at first. I wouldn’t know what meat tasted like, and had no way to compare the real and fake, but from what friends of mine said, they taste very similar. The first bite to me was almost spicy, and it took a little bit for the after taste to arrive. But after I had consumed the whole thing, I actually kind of liked it.

All in all, you may be questioning why there is a review for food on a blog that’s supposed to be about environmentally friendly topics. Well, the reason is because this sort of food is sustainable for the environment. Think about it, no animal is being killed for meat, and we’re getting more protein, fats, vitamins, and other healthy things out of it all. I really think you should try this, It’ll make the world better if you did.

Image Credit: https://impossiblefoods.com/media/images/