Earth’s Energy: Where Does It Originate?

On a recent trip to a lock and dam along the Mississippi, I got the opportunity to learn a great deal about energy, and the hydroelectric power created. Back in the day, buildings and businesses along the river had their energy sourced directly from water.

Now, all over the planet, fossil fuels are dominant. The energy that coal and oil create is widely used in homes all over. Gas is used and burned to make cars go, and none of the sources are clean. That’s where renewable energy comes in.

From L.A. to NYC, there are wind farms appearing in fields where you didn’t expect them. They’re there to help the homes around them, as well as people looking for jobs. Wind energy is helping our planet, and could very well be the choice of the future.

Solar energy, likely one of the most recognized forms of alternative solutions, is also amazing for our planet. The sun helps us thrive, so wouldn’t it be spectacular if we captured it more and more, so homes could be environmentally friendly?

These are just some of the ideas that could change the original ways of creating energy for the better. Is your house solar, or are you thinking about it? Maybe convince your town to be eco friendly in the way that they receive energy.