Bag It: Movie Review

Two articles ago, I said that you should watch the movie called Bag It. This is the follow up review that came a few minutes after I finished the film.

Okay, so let’s start with this. Jeb Berrier is a guy who does stuff just like a human. The only thing is that he is an outstanding activist against polyethylene, BPA, and plenty of other plastic related things. This movie is a perfect example of what is happening in today’s world, and gives reason for why we need to do something. His message was clear, and he interviews many different people who contribute to this movement while in the film.

I’ll let you watch it to find out the full story, and I really recommend that you do. 5/5 Mr. Berrier, it was an outstanding movie.

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(Amazon won’t work in terms of watching the film, so I got it for $3.99 on the AppleTV app.)