Pledge To This Statement

If you are aware of what is happening to our planet, than keep reading. If you love our planet, and love the oceans and trees and wildlife, than keep reading.

The following pledge you will take says that you will promise to keep our world alive, and to say that you will commit to one of the statements.

I, name, will pledge to save my planet. No matter if it involves the ocean, trees, or plains, I will get my generation to help. I will also pledge to one of the following statements:

  • I will go plastic bag free for the month
  • I will become tech free for a day
  • I will encourage my town to become eco-friendly
  • I will limit my diet of meats

If you take the pledge, please make a video of yourself saying it, and send it to the address in the contact section for a chance to get featured in a future GLOBR article.