A Statement On Ocean Pollution

A few months ago, I was in a small community in Florida at around 9:00 PM. There were hundreds of people in the dark with us believe it or not, (one night it was full of people at 10:00 PM!)

Anyway, on this particular night, there was two people tossing a glow stick on the beach, just having fun. However, once they were done throwing, it got tossed into the Gulf of Mexico.

We grabbed the stick, and it eventually got thrown away at the house, but that wasn’t the first time garbage was on the beach. Within the week that we were there, I saw plenty of plastic straws, and other garbage too.

I felt terrible about this, as there was a trash can just a few meters away. And even though I knew that there was a cleanup crew that came each morning at around three, that gave the trash plenty of time to get into the ocean.

So here’s a challenge for anyone who wants to be awesome: if you’re going on a trip this summer, try to pick up as much garbage as possible, and throw it into the nearest trash can. Your actions will help make the world a little bit greener!