The Card That Saves Bees

On the 16th of May, I was browsing The Good News Network, and stumbled upon an article that mentioned a card that could help out our fellow bees. Intrigued, I decided to learn more. I went to the website of the company who created these, and found something that I believed was spectacular.

So, after I read a little bit on what it was all about, I thought to myself briefly that this would be a great thing to bring on afternoon walks. At only £4, ($5.12), it was a card that would fit into your wallet, and whenever you saw a bee sitting tiredly on the ground, and away from any flowers, you were to peel off the cover to the sugary substance inside, and the bee would eat it. Once the bee was done eating, it would fly away to the next patch if flowers. One of the best parts of this short operation, is that once the card has no more sugar, you can send it back in for a refill.


This is just one example of the amazing things that people in the world think up, and put their ideas to good use, and use them to help out our amazing planet. Thank you to whoever made this idea a reality, and helped out an endangered species.

Link to GNN article-

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