Say Hello To GLOBR!

Every year, millions of people fail to believe that the thriving planet that they live on is slowly going to be unfixable in the near future. Everything from ocean pollution, to air pollution, and land pollution is making the planet more and more unhealthy. With GLOBR, we can make a difference in our world and teach the people who don’t know better how to better take care of our planet.

Throughout the life of this blog, I will post frequently about different things you can do to help Earth live on, organizations that help out the planet, or just posts regarding the Earth itself. For example, from August 2-4, 2019, I may be attending a meet to teach me how to better protect our only home. I will post throughout the 3 days that I’m there about what I learned from the guest speakers, including former Vice President, Al Gore.

Thank you so much for joining me to take a step forward in making our planet a little better – one post at a time.

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  1. CALEB HOYORD says:

    Great green wall (look it up)😉

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