How This Bird Feeder Could Change Our Relationship With Nature

Throughout the past year or so, I’ve been doing research on the side about new innovations that our world can look forward to, specifically in the sector of environmental protection and interaction. While concepts that fit this description are few and far between, I soon found that crowdfunding websites are a great place to house them. And so, after exploring the popular site Kickstarter, I came across something that fit this concept almost perfectly – the Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder.

Yes, it’s a bird feeder.

I know this may seem underwhelming, but there’s a reason why I’m writing about this particular bird feeder.

The title of this article says that this feeder could change our relationship with the outdoors and nature. This is because the Bird Buddy has a camera built into it, allowing for bird watchers to use their mobile devices to safely capture photos from a distance. In addition to this, the Bird Buddy is able to identify these birds and put them in a personal collection of bird photos.

Today, the amount of time people are spending on their devices is beginning to grow. The Bird Buddy appears that it is designed to take people away from their devices by meeting them at that point – their phones. That’s what GLOBR is partially about too – allowing for you, the reader, to become inspired to go outside by seeing articles like this one appear on a device that takes up a few hours of our day.

What can you do to reconnect with nature? Does it involve using the device you’re reading this on to your advantage? Does it involve getting inspired once more to explore nature?