Calling All Gardeners!


Roughly two weeks ago, an article was published on GLOBR about my community gardening experience so far and how our harvests have grown slowly in size. Well, since gardening and growing this way can lead to a healthier planet and better world overall, wouldn’t it be wonderful to share your knowledge and experience so that our world can become an even better place?

If you’ve got anything from a single basil plant at home to an enormous gardening project, send in some pictures to GLOBR and share your tips for growing and any challenges that you’ve encountered along the way so that the entire community can learn and become great gardeners along side you. Your photos and words of advice could be posted in a future article so that we can all come together to improve the health of our planet.

Here’s an example from a GLOBR reader:

“I am growing cucumbers, green beans, grape tomatoes, geraniums, petunias, marigolds, columbine flowers, bee balm, hydrangea bushes, coneflowers, a couple types of hostas, yellow day lilies, Russian sage, irises, decorative grasses, and several others.” – Evan J. (Zone 4b)

To send in photos and some tips, click the button below!