Introducing GLOBR Calm

In this world, we face many challenges. Especially at a time like this, not many of us have access to local park systems, hiking trails, or outdoor recreation in general. For me, being stuck at home all day has been especially tricky. I’m now finding that for more than half of the day, I’ll have to be either doing work for school, or I’ll be on a Google Meet or Zoom call. With this, I also realize that it may be hard for some people to cope with not being able to go outdoors for extended periods of time, so that’s why today, we’re introducing GLOBR Calm.

Starting today, and running about every week, a video will be published to the new GLOBR YouTube channel so everyone can watch it. In these videos, which run for about two minutes, some aspect of nature or nature related activity will be filmed so you can see the outdoors even though you may be indoors. This week, you’ll be watching two minutes of the tree line of a wooded area. In the background, you’ll hear a recording from the very morning that it was filmed – raindrops hitting metal and birds chirping in the trees. You can scroll down to watch this week’s episode below, or click here to watch it directly in YouTube.

GLOBR Calm | Episode One