The Most Important Article In History…

I know that I previously said that I would not be publishing for a while due to a Coronavirus outbreak near the GLOBR HQ in Minnesota, but this could be one of the most important articles that I have written. You may have seen the headline already in other news, but I want to relay the message even further. If we treated the climate crisis like we treated COVID-19, then there would be much less to worry about.

When the youth took to the streets around the world in September of 2019, I felt a sense of short lived relief. I new that there was still a battle to be fought in the future, but I also new that the strikes were one of the most important milestones in the fight against climate change. In a way, you could also say that the pandemic that we are currently living through can count as another major milestone. This outbreak is just a simulation of what the future might look like, but just replace the virus with global warming. Like I said before, if we reacted to the changing climate just like we reacted to current breaking news headlines, the world would be so much better.

So why not relay this message even further? The climate crisis effects us all, so share this with everyone you know so that we know that we will be in a safer future.